New Lands

New Lands* takes the point of view of the discoverer of a new territory -a land composed by both fabricated and natural elements.

It starts with the gradual descending from a grey seashore into a dark green universe under the surface of the water. A light city appears and the viewer gets immersed in a contained environment, a submerged landscape in which transparent lighted volumes serve as an architectural habitat for one single inhabitant. We can not see it clearly, but we can feel it and navigate this space waiting for the encounter with this threatening presence.

New Lands’ sound was developed in collaboration with the musician and sound designer Mike Parr-Burman using contact microphones on the casted glass pieces (used also as a set) which were exposed to water flows and sand movement, creating a sensorial feeling of the submersion in this imagined environment.

This video was projected in a dark room together with the installation that was use as set. Pictures of the installation here.

Concept, props and direction: Antonia Bañados
Sound: Mike Parr-Burman
Camera: Diego Cumplido

Images part one:

Images part two:

Making off sound recording and outdoors shots:


*  In 1923 Charles Fort finished an exhaustive compilation of scientific data -mostly from the 19th century or older- to reinforce the author’s theories on the possibility of other civilisations outside of our planet, and the possible conspiracy of the scientific community to avoid this information from being known. The book was titled ‘New Lands’.

It becomes a poetic and scientific description of astronomical and earth phenomenas by a person who distrusted humanity: an alternative reality through real facts.

My project New Lands takes this publication as starting point.

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